2017 Agenda

15 March 2017


Registration & coffee


Welcome from the Chair

Rod Oram, Business Journalist

Global geo-political landscape, local economics and the impact on the New Zealand business ecosystem


Opening remarks
Minister under invitation


Opening keynote: The new world order - how geo-political tensions are re-shaping our world

Geo-political volatility and uncertainty is high with challenges to traditional political establishments contesting the strong hold multi-lateral and political establishments in the West. Between the EU Brexit, the contentious US Presidential election, and the developing tension in the South China sea, uncertainty is causing a groundswell of unease across all continents. Rodger will delve into the macro level challenges facing the world, our key trading partners and New Zealand today and examine the implications for NZ business.

Rodger Baker, VP - Strategic Analysis, Stratfor (USA)


Examining the New Zealand economic outlook

Continuing from the previous presentation, this session will elaborate on macro trends and further examine their impact on the New Zealand business environment.

Philip Turner, Director Global Stakeholder Affairs, Fonterra

Audience Q&A

Morning break

Innovation and growth - building business models to thrive in the modern business environment


Keynote: Supporting a culture of growth, innovation and change

Thomas Kramer, Recently retired tech CFO


Power panel: Enabling innovation, growth and agility through partnerships from the finance team

 • Balancing the need for innovation and growth with business as usual
 • Building resilience and capability when change is the only constant
 • Beyond financial - using ALL business data to harness competitive advantage

Thomas Kramer, Recently retired tech CFO
Lindsay Render, Chief Financial Officer, Trilogy International Limited
Graeme Horne, Partner - Advisory, EY
Richard Dellabarca, CEO, NZ Venture Investment Fund

Table discussions

Lunch break

Technology and digital disruption - unlocking value and enabling business and finance transformation


Keynote: The perfect storm - Digital Disruption and the unstructured era

The next few years will see the most profound changes in the way we live since the Industrial Revolution - a phase change from the structured era to the unstructured era. The structured era has been all about the structured world of data, forms, formats, websites, automation and processing. The unstructured era - the world of unstructured data, natural language, cognitive computing, adaptive interfaces, the human-to-computer conversation - presents an opportunity to achieve boundless potential, if we think and see potential differently.

Marie Johnson, Managing Director & Chief Digital Officer, Centre for Digital Business


Power panel: Navigating new business models and utilising the power of digital

Hear pragmatic insights and perspectives from the ground floor of technology transformation. This panel will investigate the perfect storm needed to enable not only business agility but the transformation required to thrive in the modern digital environment and ensuring fit for purpose governance and frameworks for growth.

Marie Johnson, Managing Director & Chief Digital Officer, Centre for Digital Business
Candace Kinser, Independent Director
Sonya Crosby, Chief Innovation Officer, SKYCITY Entertainment Group
Grant Johnstone, Commercial Payment Solutions - Australia and New Zealand, MasterCard

Table discussions

Afternoon tea

Leadership, the CFO and the future workplace - creating resilient and diverse organisations


Keynote: The future workforce - are we being future-fit leaders?

The combination of disruptive forces including new technologies, regulatory and political change, demographic shifts and urbanisation are rapidly creating new environments for organisations to live, work and thrive in. This session examines the current changes in the workplace, the key industries affected and how we can build resilience to enable rapid strategic responses to internal and external disruptive influences.

Peter Gahan, Director, Centre for Workplace Leadership & Professor, The University of Melbourne


Power panel: Future focused and forward thinking

This power panel will examine the challenges of the modern workforce and how we can leverage the tools at our disposal to embed growth and a future-fit workforce for an organisation with a competitive edge.
 • Preparing for the biggest influences on the future workforce - looking forward in order to prepare for decentralisation and increased change within traditional employer relationships
 • Leveraging megatrends to improve leadership skills and improve the capacity and capabilities of our workforces

Kirsten Patterson, New Zealand Country Head, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand
Peter Gahan, Director, Centre for Workplace Leadership & Professor, The University of Melbourne


Closing Keynote
Tā Mark Solomon, Ngāi Tahu


Summary remarks from the Chair and Networking Function