2018 Agenda

15 March 2018


Registration & coffee


Welcome from the MC




Opening keynote: Global macroeconomics - trends shaping the global economy and implications for the New Zealand business ecosystem
Global conflicts, political unrest and economic upheaval have become an increasing part of today’s modern business environment. This session will examine the macro trends emanating from across the globe as we prepare for challenges, volatility and anticipate disruption and the impact these will have in the broader Asia Pacific Region.

DOUG HUEY, Partner, McKinsey & Company
GARY PINSHAW, Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company


Keynote: Redefining international business strategy - identifying and reaching new markets

Growth and agility are important for fast-moving and competitive market places and it has never been more important to establish a strong strategic approach in order to meet the expectations of business stakeholders. We will uncover the hallmarks of what a great international business strategy encompasses and how we can utilise this to create resilient businesses in the local economy.

PATRICK DAVIES, Chief Executive Officer, EBOS Group Limited


Directors’ Panel: Imperatives to 2025 - examining the key challenges for NZ business
  • What emerging challenges and opportunities are set to impact NZ business and how can we prepare?
  • What are the hallmarks of a high-performing executive team and board?
  • What is the point of difference that makes a CFO excellent?
  • Creating efficiencies - what can be done to streamline process and procedure and to avoid over-complications?

HAMISH BELL, Independent Director/Chair, Ritchies Transport, Pedersen Group, MJB Construction (GJ Gardner), Te Arawa Group, East Care, Boffa Miskell, Martin Aircraft, Sutherland Produce
SIMON BOTHERWAY, Chair, Serko Limited; Director, Fidelity Life Assurance, Callaghan Innovation
SUSAN PETERSON, Independent Director, Xero, ASB Bank, Trustpower, Vista Group International, Property for Industry, Organic Initiative
JONATHAN MASON, Independent Director, Vector, Zespri, Air New Zealand


Morning break



International Keynote: Revealing true business value - examining the need to move non-financial performance measures up the corporate agenda
  • Environmental, social and governance risks that are now high priority and impacting investor decision making - why you need to disclose the impact of these risks
  • Navigating risks and creating new opportunities - designing strategic initiatives to combat risks and create long-term value
  • Leading long-term change - supporting all business functions to participate in sustainability efforts

JONATHON PORRITT, Founder Director, Forum for the Future (UK)


Keynote: What does the future workforce look like? Developing capability and a future-focused culture
  • Creating the environments for talent to thrive - developing a workforce that balances the skills needed for the future with the ability to manage the challenges of today
  • New models of work - utilising technology to provide productive and collaborative working environments
  • Managing transformation - engaging employees in the future organisation

DR JULIET ANDREWS, Partner, People Advisory Services, EY (Australia)



International CFO keynote: Unlocking competitive advantage through financial innovation
  • Unlocking value in the organisation - Providing consistent and competitive returns for stakeholders despite turbulent market conditions
  • Taking the lead on key initiatives to anticipate the best avenues for investment and growth
  • Walking the talk and not just ticking the box - embedding sustainable practices across supply-chains and collaborating for stronger financial outcomes

MICHAEL HARDWICK, Chief Financial Officer, Cotton On Group (Australia)


Lunch break


Panel: Supporting business growth through financial innovation
  • Becoming a realistic strategist - Identifying the key constraints that hold organisations back from growth and creating a road map to break free
  • What combination of growth strategies are the right fit? Examining the benefits and pitfalls of M&A, organic growth, R&D investment and product innovation
  • Using debt to your advantage - structuring debt capital to enable responsiveness to business opportunities
  • Breaking free of the “business as usual” mind-set - looking outside your comfort zone for growth opportunities

PHILIP NEUTZE, Chief Financial Officer, Auckland Airport
DAVID HAZLEHURST, Chief Financial Officer, Zespri International Ltd
SIMON JONES, Chief Financial Officer, Moana New Zealand


Panel: Finding focus - balancing risk frameworks with transformation and collaboration

The business environment rapidly evolves, often leaving organisations vulnerable as risk management frameworks struggle to keep up with the pace of change. The correlation between risk management and strong financial performances are solid, yet overzealous risk frameworks can hinder transformation and collaboration rather than delivering opportunities for progress.
  • The changing threat landscape and managing risks arising from investment in transformation
  • Creating a culture of trust and openness - embedding risk management into company-wide processes and procedures to identify emerging risks and monitor economic impacts
  • Using data and predictive analytical tools to improve forecasting accuracy and mitigate business threats

WENDY MCGUINNESS, Chief Executive, McGuinness Institute
ERICA JENKIN, Group GM Risk, SKYCITY Entertainment Group
SEAN KAM, CFO, Partners Life



Keynote: The future is now - Key technologies at the heart of the digital revolution

Future-focused CFOs are turning to modern technology to provide real-time analytics, strong efficiencies and tools to support organisation-wide digitisation. AI, machine learning and robotics solutions continue to grow in sophistication and their business-ready applications continue to rapidly evolve, placing them at the heart of technologies transforming and disrupting business in the next 5 years.
  • The top technology trends to look out for and how to get ahead and avoid the inevitable disruption
  • Examples of how AI and machine learning are transforming businesses
  • Harnessing the power of data and predictive analytics

PETER J BRYANT, Managing Partner, Clareo; Senior Fellow and Honorary Co-Founder, the Kellogg Innovation Network (USA)


Afternoon break


Panel: AI and emerging technologies that will drive the next phase of finance transform
  • Embracing disruption and new opportunities - exploring the future finance function powered by AI
  • Harnessing new and emerging tech solutions to support the CFO today
  • Preparing for an AI-driven world - where do the risks lie and how can we prepare for its rapid progression?
  • Supporting back-office transformation - moving from a task-focused to strategic-focused approach, providing commercial acumen and support to embrace new initiatives

MIKE DURKIN, Chief Financial Officer, Resene Paints Limited
LIAM MALONE, Business Development Manager, Soul Machines
SUE LINDSAY, Senior Finance Manager, Goodman Fielder
FEI BIAN GOH, Senior Product Manager - News & Membership, Stuff
JOHN LEONARD, General Manager - ERP/EPM SAAS, Oracle A/NZ



Panel: The CFO today - defining success and leadership
  • Delivering value when the definition is being re-set in the digital age
  • Identifying the attributes of modern financial leadership - determination, adaptability and proactive approaches to change
  • Using technological advancements to assist in strengthening innovation and creativity in the CFO role
  • C-suite partnerships to enable investment in core business building capabilities

KATE JORGENSEN, Chief Financial Officer, KiwiRail
CHERISE BARRIE, Chief Financial Officer, Sovereign
JOHN PATERSON, Chief Financial Officer, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand


Summary remarks from the Chair and Networking Function