2019 Agenda

12 March 2019


Registration & coffee


Chair’s opening remarks

CORIN DANN, Broadcaster and Journalist, TVNZ



Opening keynote address: Working together to build a strong and sustainable economy
  • Analysing the economic outlook – exploring the major factors shaping the New Zealand economy
  • Transitioning to a new economic model based on value added exports and a higher wage
  • Making the investments and long-term plans needed to transform the economy and deliver sustainable growth

RT HON SIR BILL ENGLISH, Former Prime Minister of New Zealand


Keynote address: Exploring the global economic outlook
  • A frank assessment of the global economic and trade situation
  • Outlining the current key opportunities and risks for businesses
  • Exploring developments in the capital markets – what are the current opportunities?

HON TIM GROSER, Recently returned after three years of being NZ Ambassador to the United States


Analysing the impact of new policy and regulation on business
  • Exploring the outputs from the Government Reviews currently underway and analysing the impacts on businesses of any regulatory changes
  • Delivering the Treasury Living Standards Framework – working together to grow New Zealand’s human, social, natural and economic capital
  • Outcomes from the Tax Working Group - reflecting on the impacts on productivity and capital growth
  • Understanding the impact of Net Carbon policies on businesses

TIM NG, Chief Economic Advisor, Treasury
KIRK HOPE, Chief Executive, Business NZ
GEOF NIGHTINGALE, Partner, PwC and Member, Tax Working Group


Morning break


Mapping shifting markets - how to disrupt before your business is disrupted
  • Seismic trends transforming markets – predicting the next wave of disruption
  • Understanding how people now live and work– how can businesses successfully respond to these drivers?
  • Exploring the innovative products and services driving new business growth
  • Spotting prospects in growing and changing markets

GRAEME CODRINGTON, Global expert on the future of work, author and futurist



Transforming the way that businesses partner, connect, engage and transact
  • Digital innovation to drive efficiency and allow businesses to make smarter decisions
  • Exploring the way in which the NZBN and e-Invoicing enable businesses to better interact and thrive
  • Future proofing businesses to operate in the digital environment

STEWART MCROBIE, Chief Financial Officer, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment


Exploring how robotic process automation and artificial intelligence are transforming businesses
  • Using Intelligent Business Process Management Systems to transform the efficiency, reliability and consistency of the finance function
  • Understanding how to manage the impact of RPA introduction on existing workforces
  • Harnessing the powerful possibilities of predictive artificial intelligence (AI) to support decision making in an uncertain environment

SHAUN RYAN, Global Intelligent Automation Leader and South-East Asia Digital & Emerging Technology Leader, PwC South East Asian Consulting


Lunch break


Innovation insights: Transitioning the New Zealand economy
Exploring how three NZ business are working to diversify the economy and deliver the growth and productivity required to create prosperity for all New Zealanders
  • Exploring how to lift the value of what you produce and export – how we are delivering value added exports to global markets
  • Seizing the opportunities from the transition to a low emissions economy
  • Sustainable business through technological innovation – how to create a high growth technology business in New Zealand
  • New Zealand businesses on a global stage - leveraging the value of the Kiwi brand

KIRSTY GODFREY-BILLY, Chief Financial Officer, Xero
VICKI MCCOLL, Chief Financial Officer, Silver Fern Farms
STEVEN RENATA, Chief Executive Officer, Kiwa Digital
ED LEVINE, Finance Transformation Consultant, Blackline



International CFO keynote: Exploring Patagonia’s journey to a sustainable and successful business model
  • Embedding sustainability, environmental activism and social responsibility as a driving force within the business
  • Achieving inclusive capitalism – delivering an aspirational vision of business as a force for good
  • What the role of the finance function in driving socially responsible business practices within a company?

YVONNE BESVOLD, Vice President Finance, Corporate Controller and Treasurer, Patagonia


Afternoon break


Panel: The role of reporting in securing pathways to sustainability
  • Moving from financial reporting to integrated reporting around ESG principles
  • Investor perspectives on why impact and sustainability reporting is no longer optional
  • Social license and trust – overcoming the erosion of trust in business
  • Using impact reporting to create purpose and become a strategic change framework for the business
  • The role of business in sustainable wealth creation and social regeneration in New Zealand

CHRIS DAY, Chief Financial Officer, Z Energy
ANNE-MAREE O’CONNOR, Head of Responsible Investment, NZ Superfund
YVONNE BESVOLD, Vice President Finance, Corporate Controller and Treasurer, Patagonia


Driving transformative culture change
  • What actually is culture, can you measure it and how can you your change it?
  • Understanding culture as the critical success factor in achieving successful transformational transitions
  • Harnessing culture in the delivery of high-performance teams
  • Recognising the need to be flexible and adaptable to deal with change
  • Promoting a strong business culture and purpose to attract the best future talent

MICHAEL HENDERSON, Corporate Anthologist


Summary remarks from the Chair


2019 New Zealand CFO Summit Networking Drinks