CFO Summit: Murray Horn's focus on creating value

From the civil service to banking, from the health sector to the board of a technology start-up, Dr Murray Horn has been there, in the thick of it, for nearly 40 years.

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Foodstuffs' David Stewart named CFO of the Year

The country's top financial wizards were recognised at the annual CFO of the Year awards in Auckland on Wednesday.

Foodstuffs North Island chief financial officer David Stewart received the top gong as 2015 CFO of the year.

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Transformation is changing

Megatrends altering the way businesses think about their purposes and strategies, and putting functional change programmes to the sword in favour of all-embracing, enterprise-wide "transformations".

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Lego Group builds innovation brick by brick

Lego Group aims "to inspire and develop the leaders of tomorrow". CFO John Goodwin tells Rob O'Neill how it does just that.

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Driving innovation: the CFO's new frontier

Traditional roles are expanding into other areas of business.
When NZX-listed crime analysis software developer Wynyard Group went to market for a chief financial officer in late 2012, it was not looking for a bean-counter or a naysayer.

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CFOs key to sustainable business: Derek Handley

Late one night in Davos, Switzerland, Derek Handley found himself at a gathering in a private chalet. Across the room, Google's executive chairman, was talking animatedly with Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia.

"Half the room was people you would know, having drinks at 1am," Handley says.

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Value creating CFOs

Value creation rather than scorekeeping is the mission of today's corporate financial leaders, says Ramesh Karnani, a partner at Boston Consulting Group and topic leader of the "Office of the CFO" for Asia-Pacific.

That doesn't just require them to help executives, boards and business unit managers make effective decisions, it requires them to challenge decisions and in the end endorse them as well.

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Chorus a reporting poster-child

Telco network company Chorus may have spent two years challenging ruling by the Commerce Commission, but for another regulator, the Financial Markets Authority, it has become a role model - in financial reporting.

And the way the company's financial controller, Sharyn Mitchell tells it, it wasn't hugely difficult to produce accessible, readable and relevant financials.

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